Acadian I.C.E. App In Case of Emergency iPhone App

Brought to you by Acadian Ambulance Service

Authorities encourage everyone to have an "In Case of Emergency" (I.C.E.) contact on their phone. But if your phone is locked, your I.C.E. contact is inaccessible. The Acadian I.C.E. app places your emergency contact on your phone's home or lock screen, making it visible if your phone is lost or if you are unable to communicate.

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  • Free App

    The Acadian I.C.E. app is offered free of charge as a public service from Acadian Ambulance Service. The Acadian I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) app creates an emergency contact banner for your home screen or lock screen. If you have an emergency and are unable to communicate, or if your phone is lost, authorities will be able to contact your designated emergency contact -- even if your phone is locked!

  • Emergency Contact on Your Lock Screen

    Many people have an "ICE" contact listed in their contact list, but if your phone is locked, your list cannot be accessed. The Acadian I.C.E. app solves that problem by putting your emergency contact name and phone number on your home screen and/or lock screen.

  • Features

    The app also allows users to store information regarding current medications, medication allergies, and health conditions. This information, accessible only after the phone has been unlocked by the user or the emergency contact, can ensure medical personnel are informed of any special needs or conditions you may have.